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Scouts Canada is as strong as the many volunteers that help deliver the programs to our youth. As an organization we have committed to ensuring that these volunteers are properly recognized, and as such, we have developed ways to give them the recognition they deserve. By presenting a gift, or honour to one of our volunteers at a public or meaningful place, ensures that the volunteer feels recognized, thanked, and valued within the organization. This page is meant to be a resource to those commissioners responsible for organizing a recognition event or ceremony.

Public Ceremony

One of the best ways to make Scouting visible within the community is to incorporate the presentation into another externally-organized public ceremony such as a local festival, or to hold your own organized event in a public place.

Venue/Event Ideas / Suggestions:

  • Harvest Festivals
  • City/County Public Awards Ceremonies
  • Volunteer Association Banquets / Events
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • City Council Meetings

Group Ceremony

It may be appropriate in some situations to hold your recognition event in tandem with an event that your group is holding. This way, the youth and adults/parents of your group get to recognize the hard work that a volunteer has done in support of their youth.