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* Loyalist Area
* Loyalist Area
* Nepean Area
* Nepean Area
* Odawa Area
* [[Odawa Area]]
* Rideau Area
* Rideau Area
* Valley Highlands Area
* Valley Highlands Area

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Voyageur Council is located in Eastern Ontario, hosting 7000 members in 100 Groups. The Council generally covers the territory from Petawawa to Kingston to the Quebec border, and includes communities in and around Gatineau, Quebec.

Voyageur maintains 10 properties within its 8 Service Areas which benefit members by providing a variety of locations for delivering exciting, year-round outdoor program activities. The Council also runs a vibrant residential summer camp program out of Camp Opemikon near Perth, ON for youth ages 7 to 16.

The Council is supported by the Scouting Service Centre (OTTAWA) in Ottawa, Ontario.


  • Algonquin Hills Area
  • Carleton Area
  • Heritage Area
  • Loyalist Area
  • Nepean Area
  • Odawa Area
  • Rideau Area
  • Valley Highlands Area


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