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Voyageur Council is situated on the Eastern tip of Ontario as well as some of Gatineau, reaching from Petawawa, down to Kingston, then following the US International and the Quebec Provincial Borders. There are 8 Areas with over a hundred groups that cater to 7,000 members.


  • Algonquin Hills Area
  • Carleton Area
  • Heritage Area
  • Loyalist Area
  • Nepean Area
  • Odawa Area
  • Rideau Area
  • Valley Highlands Area


  • Camp Opemikon
  • Apple Hill Scout Reserve
  • Camp Folly
  • Camp Legewade
  • Otter Lake Camp (Ontario)
  • Otter Lake Camp (Quebec)
  • Camp Sheldrick
  • Camp Traill
  • Whispering Pines

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