Water Tripping Challenge Badge

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Experience all aspects of extended water trips.

NOTE: You must wear a properly fitted PFD while in a boat.


Prerequisite for this badge is the Paddling Challenge Badge, Sailing Challenge Badge or Powercraft Challenge Badge.


  1. Help in the planning and participate in a three (3) day water trip.
  2. Properly select and wear a PFD.
  3. Understand and explain the importance of a float plan.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to select the proper equipment for your trip.
  5. Demonstrate and explain ways to weather-proof camping gear.
  6. Demonstrate your skills at making emergency repairs to your tripping equipment.
  7. Show skills in map and compass reading, estimation of appropriate time and distance goals.
  8. Show weather observation skills.
  9. Demonstrate how to load your craft for tripping.

Program Suggestions