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To develop an interest in and skills about weather information.


  1. Maintain an interest in weather by recording for a one month period the following weather data for a specific site:
    1. maximum temperature
    2. minimum temperature
    3. total 24 hour precipitation
    4. mean wind direction and speed
    5. barometric pressure and tendency at the same time each day
    6. brief description of the weather for the day
  2. Using a current weather map such as is found in a newspaper (or other source):
    1. Identify and label a high pressure area; a low pressure area; a warm front; and a cold front
    2. For each of the four above, point out one station that exhibits typical weather
    3. Point out one station where the wind direction clearly shows Buys-Ballots Law and the speed related to the pressure gradient.
  3. For any two of the following, what advice would you give to your Patrol if the forecast indicated you could expect this type of weather where you are planning to go:
    1. Lake-effect snow
    2. Chinook winds
    3. Blizzard or high wind chill values
    4. Tornado
    5. Water spouts
    6. Dust devils
    7. Nor'easter winds in Atlantic Canada
  4. For two outdoor outings by your patrol or troop:
    1. provide a weather forecast to your patrol/troop for the area of the event (use an official forecast from radio, TV, Newspaper, Internet etc.)
    2. advise members of the equipment required because of the forecast
    3. maintain a weather log of temperature, precipitation and wind during the outing. There should be at least 6 observations per day.
    4. report to your patrol/troop the affect of the weather on the outing.

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