Winter Scouting Challenge Badge

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Demonstrate ability to hike and camp in the outdoors in the winter.


  1. Plan and conduct three winter activities, one of which must be an overnight camp.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate gear suitable for winter camping.
  3. Know signs and first aid for hypothermia, frostbite, snow blindness, wet clothing, and getting caught in a blizzard.
  4. Prepare a winter survival kit.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of meals good for the winter activities.
  6. Lay and light a fire.
  7. Show how to avoid and what to do about the following:
    1. breaking through ice
    2. carbon monoxide poisoning
    3. frostbite
    4. becoming lost in winter conditions
    5. getting caught in a blizzard
    6. snow blindness
    7. skin stuck to cold metal
    8. hypothermia
    9. wet clothing

Program Suggestions