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Examining Winter Skills OAS badge by topic.

This perspective shows the common topics of each stage with increasing knowledge, accomplishment, and responsibilities as stages increase. It may help in planning sessions/activities and organizing resources.

Stage Food / Water Clothing / Gear Achievement Safety Leadership Adventures
OAS-winter-1.png 1.2 I have prepared a good snack for a winter outing.

1.3 I always carry a water bottle when going on a winter outing.
1.4 I can keep my water bottle from freezing on a winter outing.

1.6 I know how to dress to when I go outside in winter.

1.7 I know to stay dry or change to dry clothes when I am outside in winter.

1.1 I have built something out of snow. 1.8 I know about the buddy system and why it is used when participating in outdoor activities.

1.11 I know that I should not touch cold metal with bare skin, especially my lips or tongue.

1.9 I know to follow the instructions of the activity leader when at an outdoor event. 1.5 I have participated in a winter sports day (Beaveree, Cuboree, winter challenge).

1.10 I have hiked at least 1 km in winter.

OAS-winter-2.png 2.2 I have packed a proper lunch for a winter outing. 2.4 I know how to pack extra clothes for winter outings.

2.5 I know how to keep my feet dry while I am outside in the winter.
2.6 I store my outdoor clothing so it will quickly dry.

2.11 I have made a piece of simple winter gear or clothing (wristlet or neck warmer). 2.10 I know to avoid ice or open water without an adult present. 2.7 I can help less experienced Scouts to get dressed to go outside. 2.1 1 I have gone sledding or tobogganing.

2.3 I have participated in two winter sports days (Beaveree, Cuboree, winter challenge).
2.8 I have attended one overnight winter camp/sleepover.
2.9 I have completed two winter hikes of at least 1 km.

OAS-winter-3.png 3.2 I can light a small fire.

3.3 I have helped plan a menu for a winter camp.
3.4 I have cooked a lunch over an open fire.

3.5 I understand the layering principle when dressing for winter activities and apply it to all activities.

3.8 I can pack a day pack for a winter outing.

3.6 With a small group, I have built an emergency shelter in winter.

3.11 I can identify the North Star and three other features in the winter night sky.
3.14 In addition to previous stages, I have made a piece of winter gear or clothing.
3.13 I have made a winter survival kit that I take with me on all winter activities.

3.7 I know how to find shelter from the wind on a cold day.

3.9 I know how to watch my fellow Scouts for signs of exposure to the cold.

3.1 I have participated in a winter sport (alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skating, hockey, tobogganing, sledding, curling).

3.10 I have spent one night at winter camp in a cabin or heated tent (in addition to requirements for previous stages).
3.12 I have completed a winter hike of at least 3 km.

Stage Food / Water Clothing / Gear Achievement Safety Leadership Adventures
OAS-winter-4.png 4.2 I have helped purchase food for a winter outing.

4.3 I have helped cook meals at winter camp.

4.5 I have put up a tent in winter to sleep in.

4.6 I can properly set up my sleeping area to stay warm through the night at winter camp.
4.7 I have used a toboggan or sled to transport equipment.

4.10 I have traveled in snow using snowshoes or nordic skis. 4.12 I know how to help someone who has fallen through the ice.

4.13 I know how to prevent and treat hypothermia and frostbite.
4.14 I know how to avoid and treat snow blindness.

4.8 I have taught a winter skill to a less experienced Scout. 4.1 I have participated in a winter sport (different from the sport done in earlier stages).

4.4 I have attended a winter campfire.
4.9 I have spent two consecutive nights at winter camp (in addition to requirements for previous stages).
4.11 I have participated in two 3 km hikes.

OAS-winter-5.png 5.3 I have been chief cook for at least one meal at winter camp.

5.7 I can lay and light a fire in winter conditions for warmth and cooking.
5.8 I can use a liquid fuel stove in winter conditions and understand why it is important not to get fuel on clothing and skin.

5.5 I am able to pack the appropriate clothing and equipment for a two-night winter camp. 5.6 I have built and slept in a temporary winter shelter such as a quinzhee, snow trench or a lean-to. 5.13 I know how to avoid, recognize and treat carbon monoxide poisoning (which can occur in winter shelters).

5.14 I have a first aid qualification equivalent to the Scout First Aid badge (St John’s or Red Cross Standard First Aid).
5.15 I can execute a ladder rescue, chain assist and reaching assist for someone who has fallen through the ice.

5.2 I have led my Patrol in planning and purchasing meals for a winter camp.

5.4 I have helped to run a campfire at a winter camp.
5.9 I have helped lead a winter sports day.

5.1 I have played an outdoor game in winter at a minimum of six Scout meetings.

5.10 I have slept outside for two nights in winter (in addition to requirements for previous stages).
5.11 I have participated in a winter hike lasting at least six hours and covering at least 6 km.
5.12 I have hiked a minimum of 5 km in winter conditions following compass bearings.

OAS-winter-6.png 6.2 I know how to obtain and keep a supply of safe drinking water for a winter camp.

6.3 I know how to store water overnight so that it will not freeze.
6.4 I have baked bread or a dessert at a winter camp.

6.7 I can do simple repairs on liquid fuel stoves. 6.11 I have practised a winter evacuation of a simulated casualty. 6.1 I have led an outdoor winter game for a younger Section.

6.5 I have taught a less experienced Scout how to dress for winter activities.
6.6 I have taught a less experienced Scout how to build a winter shelter.
6.8 I have led a cooking team for a winter camp. Scouts can lead a team in cooking all meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) at a camp.
6.9 I have assisted at a winter sports day in a leadership role

6.10 I have slept outside for two nights in a lightweight shelter in winter (in addition to requirements for previous levels).
Stage Food / Water Clothing / Gear Achievement Safety Leadership Adventures
OAS-winter-7.png 7.1 I know how to plan and implement a simple but nutritious menu for a mobile winter camp. 7.2 I know how to select an appropriate tent for winter camping. 7.3 I have made a piece of winter camping or winter safety equipment. 7.5 I have maintained my first aid certification. 7.4 I have participated in a winter mobile expedition of at least three days (two nights).
OAS-winter-8.png 8.1 I can carry out repairs on gas-fuelled stoves in winter conditions. 8.4 I understand the risks and am able to implement appropriate safety procedures for camping in heated tents.

8.5 I have wilderness first aid certifications appropriate for areas I am traveling in and the activities I am doing.

8.2 With a team, I have provided leadership for a one or two-night activity. 8.3 I have participated in a five-day (four-night) mobile winter expedition.
OAS-winter-9.png 9.1 I have led a winter campfire.

9.2 I have led a mobile winter expedition of three to five days.

9.3 I have slept outside at least 20 nights (including nights from previous levels) in winter conditions.

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