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1st London Medvents/Medrovers is a vocational group of Venturers and Rovers who work with Middlesex London EMS personnel to gain knowledge in the First Aid fields. The group is currently meeting on Wednesday nights from 19:00-21:00 at the Middlesex London EMS Headquarters at 340 Waterloo Street in downtown London, Ontario.

The MedVent program grew out of a partnership between Scouts Canada and EMS providers across the country to provide a challenging and unique experience to youth interested in a career in healthcare. In this capacity the MedVents provide first aid services for Scouts Canada Camps as well as local community events.

We challenge youth to expand and improve upon their first aid and first response skills through traditional and practical training under the Red Cross training standards. We hope that by enabling youth to be leaders in an emergency we can enable them to be leaders in their everyday lives.

Despite our differences the London MedVents are still active members in the traditional Scouts Canada community and participate in the same team building and skill development opportunities one would expect from a normal scouting group. As a member of the MedVents you can expect to attend the same camps, ”moots” and volunteer opportunities that define the world famous program.

Members of this group have been involved in a number of International Development Projects including South Africa 2010, Kenya 2012, and most recently Peru 2014.

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