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1st Riverlake Group operates in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Members in the Group mostly come from the communities of Fall River, Windsor Junction and Waverley. The community of Waverley had a very active Group for many years, but due to struggles recruiting Volunteers it formally merged with 1st Riverlake around 2008/09. 1st Riverlake is sponsored by the Fall River Lions Club. Most Sections meet in the gym and cafeteria at Ash Lee Jefferson School in Fall River. 1st Riverlake operates a cabin at Miller Lake.

1st Riverlake is a part of Cobequid Lakes Area. The Group currently operates three Beaver Scout Colonies, a Cub Scout Pack, a Scout Troop and a Venturer Scout Company.

Over the years the Scout Troop has traveled to or throughout:

As well, three 1st Riverlake Venturer Scouts and their Company Scouter attended WJ'11 in Sweden.

The Current Group Chair is John VanOosten.

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