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This page is dedicated to planning work for the 3 visits at the Council Level

From the last meeting the following ideas were collected. Please append your name if you are interested in developing them further.

CFE's and DCC's to have a meeting to discuss how they can collaborate and get the meetings happening - NS, CD

Define what is good enough, what is the next goal? - NS, CD

Set priorities and live by them - CD

Tracking System - CD

Calendar visits (make appointments at the beginning of the year)

One person do visits - it does not have to be the key three

Use electronics

Group meetings together for efficiency

Schedule a meeting for August

Identify what help leaders are asking for - NS, CD

Communicate how the stats and council objectives are helping them - CD

Build relationships - talk about what the relationship is about

Communicate what is important by doing it Citations, Feedback, survey

Bring the positive

Make the visits useful - CD

Find an opportunity to give

Follow up - CD

Send out results - CD

Point out the value chain

Ask - how can I help you suceed?

1 face to face every trimester

Apply progressive discipline for AC's who don't play and reward those who are good - CD

DCC in rural areas

Get AC's appointed - NS

Call Tracking

Analyze each AC (On board or not, what help do they need?)

Have a similar meeting with AC's and GC's - CD

Collaboration between CFE's and DCC's - CD