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Scouts Canada's membership system, known widely as myScouts or more formally as an Association Management System (AMS) was a big step in the Action Plan's commitment to make it easier for volunteers to run successful programs. will put us on a firm foundation to sustain and grow the Scouting experience. It will deliver easy-to-use resources and tools, such as user-friendly member setup, online registration, renewal and payment, event management and online collaboration tools…and this is the place to stay up to date with the latest information.

myScouts can also be used to access other systems such as the David Huestis Learning Centre.


Scouts Canada announced March 4, 2011 a partnership with Avectra to begin development of the new AMS.[1] Original projections proposed an initial launch in the summer of 2011; following development delays, testing was delayed. In January of 2012, various members vertically and horizontally across the organization participated in testing the system and providing feedback to the development team. The ultimate migration from the MMS to the new AMS occurred on March 19, 2012 for all members.

myScouts has received a number of important updates since its first introduction. A large extent of the changes relate to the coding of myScouts; however, there have been some major changes to address the development of new policies and functionality to support other Action Plan items. For example, efforts were made include a searchable database of camps, partial management of the recognition program, and movement towards online registration. Likewise, myScouts has been faced with a number of glitches over the years which have come to impact the majority of users. While the vast majority were resolved swiftly after discovery, they ranged from deactivation of profiles to lost data entry.

myScouts has been at the centre of improving registration for both Scouters and youth. It was announced in May 2015 that for the following Scouting year, Scouter registration would become automatic (provided training and other requirements were met.) According to an email from Scouts Canada, as of April 2017, 70% of groups had online registration enabled. It was announced at that time participant registration would move entirely online (a green effort no doubt) in September 2017.

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