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Assistant National Youth Commissioners (ANYCs) sit on the National Youth Network, and work with the National Youth Commissioner to support the twenty Council Youth Commissioners across the country. ANYCs also engage in various projects as directed by the National Youth Commissioner. There are currently three ANYC positions in the National Youth Network, each one responsible for a specific geographic area: East, Central, and West.

Job Description

Accountable to:

National Youth Commissioner


ANYCs are appointed annually by the National Youth Commissioner, in consultation with the National Service Team, for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years.

Time Required:

  • 10-20 hours per week
  • One annual National Scouters Conference (AGM)
  • One annual National Service Team meeting.
  • Alternating monthly National Youth Network and National Service Team calls
  • Council support visits as required within their geographic designation.
  • Numerous phone calls and e-mails.

Duties and Responsibilities

Supporting the National Youth Network

Get Involved!

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Job Description