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Below is (hopefully complete) list of Acronyms used in Scouts Canada

AC Area Commissioner
ACC Accessibility Training (AODA) - Part of "Scouting Fundamentals" training
AD Adult Development (Previously Training)
AGM Annual General Meeting
AL Activity Leader
AMS Associate Management System (aka myScouts. Previously MMS)
ANYC Assistant National Youth Commissioner
AODA Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
App Council Approval on the Screening Tab in MyScouts, now Cap
ASM Area Support Manager (Previously CFE)
AST Area Service Team
AYC Area Youth Commissioner (Previously DAC-Y)
AYN Area Youth Network
BOG Board of Governors
BP Lord Robert Baden-Powell
BP&P ByLaw, Policies and Procedures
BSA Boy Scouts of America
Cap Council Approval on the Screening Tab in MyScouts, was App
CC Council Commissioner or Chief Commissioner (Old terminology, now NC)
CCAC Council Community Advisory Committee
CCJ/CCJam Central Canada Jamboree (aka. CCJam)
CCTFOG Chief Commissioner's Task Force On Growth
CEC Central Escarpment Council
CED Council Executive Director
CEO Chief Executive Officer (Also EC)
CFE Council Field Executive (Old terminology, now ASM)
CFTC Child Fitness Tax Credit (Canadian Government)
CJ Canadian Jamboree
CMAC Council Management Advisory Committee
CMC Council Management Committee
COC Code of Conduct
COH Court of Honour
COPS Council Operating Procedures Manual
CSA Chief Scout's Award, or (less commonly) Chief Scout Association
CST Council Service Team
CYC Council Youth Commissioner (Previously DCC-Y)
CYN Council Youth Network
CYS Child & Youth Safety (training)
DAC Deputy Area Commissioner
DAC-Y Deputy Area Commissioner - Youth (Old terminology, now AYC)
DCC Deputy Council Commissioner
DCC-Y Deputy Council Commissioner - Youth (Old terminology, now CYC)
DCYC Deputy Council Youth Commissioner
DEC Deputy Executive Commissioner
DEC-Y Deputy Executive Commissioner - Youth (Old terminology - now National Youth Commissioner)
DHLC David Huestis Learning Centre
DOB Do Our Best
DYB Do Your Best
EC Executive Commissioner (Also CEO)
EP Emergency Preparedness
FAST Fun Active Scout Training
FLEX Fun Leadership EXperience
FOCUS Future Of Canada United in Scouting (Training Course)
GC Group Commissioner
GAMSOCS Games, Acting, Music, Spiritual Fellowship, Outdoors, Crafts, Storytelling
GYC Group Youth Commissioner
HA Honours and Awards (Old terminology, now Recognition)
HQ Headquarters (Usually referring to 1345 Baseline Road in Ottawa)
IB Incorporated Body
JOTA Jamboree On The Air
JOTI Jamboree On The Internet
JS2G Jumpstart to Growth
KISC Kandersteg International Scout Centre (Switzerland)
MIETJ Making It Easier To Join (task force)
MMS Membership Management System
MOM Medal of the Maple or Recognition Medal of Merit
MS1 Milestone in Wood Badge training – more clearly, completion of Canadian Path training
NADN National Adult Development Network
NC National Commissioner (Previously CC)
NLT National Leadership Team
NLWK New Leader Welcome Kit
NPC National Property Committee
NPN National Program Network
NRN National Recognition Network
NST National Service Team
NSWK New Scouter Welcome Kit
NVE National Venturer Scout Event
NYC National Youth Commissioner
NYN National Youth Network
OAC/OPER Operations Advisory Committee
OAS Outdoor Adventure Skills
OIB Ontario Incorporated Body
OOS Offer Of Service
OSA Online Service Awards
PL Patrol Leader
PJ Pacific Jamboree
PRC Police Records Check
SAJ South Alberta Jamboree
SC Scouts Canada
SCYN Scouts Canada Youth Network
SF Scouting Fundamentals training
SIT Scouter-in-Training
SJ ScotiaJamb
SPICES Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional, and Spiritual (youth development goals)
SSC Sixer Second Council
SSP Safe Scouting for Parents training
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
TS Tri-Shores Council
VIEW Venturer Information Executive Workshop
VSC Volunteer Screening Checklist
VSS Vulnerable Sector Search
WB1 Wood Badge Part l training
WOSM World Organization of the Scouting Movement (a.k.a.) World Body
WSBF World Scout Brotherhood Fund
WSEA World Scout Environment Award (previously World Conservation Badge)
YN Youth Network