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Recent changes to Scouts Canada are being driven by "An Action Plan for Canadian Scouting, The Chief Commissioner's Task Force on Growth. VERSION 2 - July 27, 2009".


Action Item #1 - Making It Easier For New and Current Volunteers

  1. Online Orientation/Wood Badge Training
  2. Prepared Programming
  3. New Leader Welcome Package
  4. New Group Action Kit
  5. Resource People Database
  6. Making it Easier to Use Scouts Camps and Properties
  7. Reducing Barriers to Participation
  8. Eliminating Leader Registration Fees

Action Item #2 - Enhancing Our Image, Profile and Expertise

  1. Web Development
  2. Youth Research and Advocacy Initiative
  3. Improving the Image of the Scout Uniform
  4. Working with Government and other Funders
  5. Advertising, Public Relations and Multi-Media Outreach

Action Item #3 - Enhancing Organizational Capacity

  1. Public Appointments Process
  2. Ensuring Greater Democratic Participants
  3. Enhancing our Service and Support Capacity

Action Item #4 - Achieving Meaningful Youth Involvement

  1. Focusing the Role of Area Youth Commissioners
  2. Youth Involvement Ratios
  3. Creation of Youth Spokesperson Program
  4. Connecting More Youth to International Opportunties
  5. Youth Leadership Development

Action Item #5 - Recruiting Members and Finding New Volunteers

  1. Creation of an Outreach Team
  2. Partnership Development and Renewal
  3. Extension Scouts
  4. Alumni Development
  5. Investigation of New Group Model

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