Aquatic Skills Stage 5

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Aquatic Skills - Stage 5 Competencies & Requirements

  1. I have tried an introductory Scuba experience in a pool (Bubblemaker/SEAL Team/Discover Scuba Diving).
    • Scouts can maintain neutral buoyancy and clear a mask of water while underwater.
    • Scouts can open their eyes underwater without goggles.
  2. I can identify five species in my local aquatic environment (either on the surface or underwater), including hazardous species.
    • Scouts can name five animals, insects or plants that live on or under the water.
  3. I can achieve the “Swim to Survive” standard.
    • Scouts can fall or roll into deep water, tread water for one minute, swim 50 metres—all in one continuous attempt, without touching the bottom or shoreline or side of a pool.