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This is a nice skit for two cub scout leaders to perform. Before the skit, have a leader take a book and cover it with paper. Draw a pretend cover named, "101 Uses for the Scout Bandana." This leader announces he is going to teach the pack 101 uses for the handy uniform bandana. He asks for a volunteer who has a bandana. Another leader says, "Oh yes, I have a bandana!" The leader asks this volunteer to come up and stand behind him. The volunteer stands out of the leader's view and holds up a banana, saying happily, "Yes, look! I have a bandana!" This always gets a good laugh.

As the skit proceeds, the leader opens the book and says, “The first thing you can use your bandana for is to mop up sweat on those hot camping trips. First, you pick up your bandana. Then you fold it in half.” The person behind looks a little confused and says, “Are you sure? You fold it in half?” Without looking back, the leader says, “Yes, fold it in half.” So the volunteer folds the banana in half. The leader then demonstrates how to wipe sweat off of the arms and forehead. The volunteer follows behind – of course getting banana everywhere.

Continue this skit with the leader not realizing the volunteer has a banana instead of a bandana. The bandana is folded again, placed on the head for sun protection, is put over the eyes to shade the sun, is placed in the back pocket and finally can be sat on. This skit is especially funny if the leader acts completely oblivious to the fact that the volunteer has a banana rather than a bandana. Bandana Banana!

Source: - Scout Skits.