Beaver Scout Motto Promise Law Word Hunt

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Based on Beaver Scout Promise Scavenger Word Hunt, but for a shorter amount of time (more suitable during a regular meeting).

To help learn the Beaver Scout Law, Promise and Motto, the words of each are are printed on card stock, cut into individual tags, and "hidden" in trees and shrubs within a confined area. Grabbing only one at a time (to avoid game domination), Beaver Scouts find each and bring it to a central place.

Words are assembled into individual Promise, Law, and Motto. If there is a wind, use tape on a picnic table or other solid surface.

Great to play just as it starts to get a little bit dark!

If you can use different coloured card stock for each, use different coloured high-lighters to help make them more identifiable.

Printable cards and teaching cards: Media:Beaver_Scout_Motto_Game.pdf