Beaver Scout Promise Scavenger Word Hunt

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Short description 
While Beavers are on a nature hike and enjoying nature and learning about the world around them (seeing Beaver Dams, different types of tree and birds, etc), Beavers search for 3 different phrases on distinct cards. At the end of the hike, Beavers in tail groups unscramble words to make a phrase they all know.
Cards with phrases attached
From 60 minutes to 120 minutes
Whole Section
Indoor & Outdoor
Kim Lanyon - Beaver Leader GVA
Starting Age 
Ending age 
This takes leader prep prior to hike with youth. Leader puts words on 3 different coloured cards and puts them on different places on the hike tied with twine to obvious places where they can easily remove. Beavers are instructed to look for these while on the hike, and at the end, they will have to unscramble the phrase. White Tails can be more challenged by just using letters, and Blue Tails with letters and punctuation. Good phrases to use if at the beginning of the year is the Beaver Motto (Brown) Promise (Blue) and Law (White) when you are teaching this to the youth prior to investitures.

Additional information: Brown - Cards say "Beavers" "Beavers" "Beavers" "Shar" "ing," "Shar" "ing," Shar" "ing"

Blue - Cards say "I" "Promise" "To" "Love" "God" "and" "help" "Take" "Care" "Of" "The" "World"

White - Cards say "A Bea" "ver h" "as fu" "n, wo" "rks h" "ard," "and h" "elps" "his f" "amil" "y and" "frie" "nds."

Additional information:

Extracted from Scouts Canada - Program Builder Online.