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See the Beaver Scout Leader Volunteer Job Description.


Colony Scouter Names

The Beaver Scout leadership Section teams traditionally got their names from characters in the Friends of the Forest story. Under the Canadian Path that was expanded to include:

  • Acorn (Chipmunk)
    • Character traits: independent, trustful, curious, inquisitive, fearless, playful
  • Aurora
    Aurora and Boris.png
    • (female name derived from Aurora Borealis)
    • Character traits: lively, colourful
  • Bobtail (Bobcat)
    • Character traits: patient, shy, mysterious, resourceful tenacious
  • Boomer (Rabbit)
    • Character traits: shy, vigilant, faithful, nurturing
  • Boris
    • (male name derived from Aurora Borealis)
    • Character traits: lively, colourful
  • Bramble (Mouse)
    • Character traits: playful, inquisitive, organized, orderly
  • Bubbles (Fish)
    • Character traits: open-minded, proud, confident, inspirational
  • Chinook (Salmon)
    • Character traits: strong, proud, wise, confident, diligent
  • Drake (Wood duck)
    • Character traits: sensitive, graceful, agile
  • Echo (Bat)
    Echo Bat.png
    • Character traits: sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, strong family relations, communicative
  • Hawkeye (Hawk)
    • Character traits: observant, visionary, powerful, intuitive, fast
  • Hopper (Frog)
    • Character traits: energetic, resourceful, protective
  • Lightning (White Tail Deer)
    • Character traits: caring, kind, compassionate, creativity, and one who encourages adventure
  • Malak (Owl)
    Malak Owl.png
    • Character traits: insightful, understanding, problem solver, guardian, patient
  • Rainbow
    • Character traits: inspirational, peaceful
  • Rascal (Otter)
    Rascal Otter.png
    • Character traits: friendly, helpful, energetic, dynamic
  • Red (Bobcat)
    • Character traits: patient, shy, mysterious, resourceful tenacious
  • Ringtail (Raccoon)
    Ringtail Raccoon.png
    • Character traits: curious, confident, strong and muscular (athletic)
  • Rojo, Whiskers (Lynx)
    • Character traits: solitary, curious, bold, protective, attentive, instructive
  • Rufus (Bobcat)
    • Character traits: patient, shy, mysterious, resourceful tenacious
  • Rusty (Fox)
    Rusty Fox.png
    • Character traits: cunning, adaptable, agile, diplomatic
  • Skitter (Dragonfly)
    • Character traits: mature, agile, poised, happy, visionary
  • Sunshine
    • Character traits: hopeful, encouraging
  • Talon (Eagle)
    • Character traits: ingenious, noble, strong, courageous, wise
  • Thunder (Mountain Goat)
    • Character traits: independent, surefooted, understanding, agile
  • Tic Tac (Squirrel)
    • Character traits: organized, resourceful, playful, chatty, energetic, sociable, independent, curious, friendly, mischievous
  • Wiley (Coyote)
    • Character traits: clever, resourceful, ingenious, mischievous
  • Zip (Bumblebee)
    • Character traits: industrious, creative, inspirational

Cub Scouts in Colony Leadership


Also a part of the leadership team was a selected Cub Scout given the name Keeo. Under the Canadian Path this is being replaced by Akela's Jungle, allowing more interaction with the Pack and more Cub Scouts to have a leadership role in the Colony.

Program Resources

The new (from the Canadian Path) :

Reference the Beaver Leader's Handbook.

Planning examples available Colony 3 Year Plan.

See the Beaver Scouts Jumpstarts.