Brushing Teeth (skit)

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Several scouts stand in a line. The first scout holds a cup of water. The last scout in line holds an empty cup. Just before the skit begins, have the last scout put water in his mouth and keep it there without the audience knowing.

The first scout says that he knows how to conserve water while brushing teeth. He puts some water in his mouth and acts like he is brushing teeth. Then he turns to the second person in line and puts his mouth to his ear. His cheeks go down while the second scout's mouth gets bigger, as if number one has spit the water into number two's ear and it has gone to number two's mouth. The skit continues in the same manner for each scout. When the final scout has "water" spit into his ear, he pretends to brush teeth and then spits the real water he has been hiding in his mouth into the cup.

Source: - Scout Skits.