Survival Cooking Stove

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Home made Survival Cooking Stove

Items Needed
  • A Clean empty Tuna or other similar Tin
  • Cardboard
  • Paraffin wax or Survival candles
  1. Start by melting the wax or candles on a stove ensuring to remove the string(if using Candles)
  2. While the wax is melting take cardboard and cut it to approximately 3/4 the height of the tin. Place cardboard in the tin in a spiral until the tin is approximately 3/4 full. ensure that a small tab from the Cardboard is above the top of the tin.The Tab will be used as the wick when lighting the Stove
  3. When wax has melted CAREFULLY fill the tin with wax ensuring the cardboard (with exception of the wick) has been completely covered by the wax.
  4. Allow to cool completely then wrap with Aluminum Foil and place in your Survival Kit.

Instead of using Tuna tins use similar sized Tins that have a lid.

Use some Metal Screen preferably steel similar to what is used for vents on various commercially available stoves and lanterns and make a stand to create a space between the stove and the cup, small pot etc.. you are cooking with. This can be achieved be wrapping the screen around the tin so it can just slide up or be turned over and will not take up anymore room than the stove itself.

The stove can be used multiple times before the wax and cardboard are used up.

When the cardboard and wax has been used up.....see step 1.

These are often called Buddy Burners and can be a part of a Vagabond Stove.

Save tuna tins and the ends of candles to make these!