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The Scouts Canada Code of Conduct (CoC) is a standard of behavior expected of all Volunteers, youth over the age of 18, parents and other adults in a position of responsibility. Individuals are asked to annually review and sign the Code of Conduct as part of the membership requirements. The Code of Conduct can be signed either electronically though or using a paper based version. In the case of a paper based copy, records are maintained by the regional council office and are recorded in Individuals who do not sign the Code of Conduct will be made inactive after 90-days.


The Code of Conduct was introduced in June of 2012 after a number of important changes were made to the Policies and Procedures relating to Child and Youth Safety. The annual signing of the Code of Conduct was moved in 2015 from September to the New Year in order to reduce the workload of Scouters during the busy fall registration period.