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Camp impeesa-crest.gif
Address 827559 Township Rd 8, Drumbo, ON N0J 1G0
Established unknown

Camp Impeesa, “The Wolf That Never Sleeps” is fifty-two (52) acres of beautiful Carolinian Forest with a rolling landscape consisting of open fields, hills, valleys, marsh and wooded areas with a small brook running through. The camp is operated/maintained by volunteers from Brant and South Waterloo Areas.




  • Beaver Lodge sleeps 40 people
  • Annikki Snow Centre sleeps 20 people
  • Major R.J. Black's Cabin sleeps 15 people


  • 3 Adirondacks
  • Wooded tent areas (Cattail, Thistle, Wild Carrot, Wild Leek, Fiddlehead, Bell Flower, Wild Lily, Trillium, Cinder Pit)
  • Open field for large group camping (30-100 people)

Adventurous Activities

  • Archery
  • GaGa Ball Pit is a form of dodge ball that's normally played in a 'pit.'


  • Memorial Campfire Theatre
  • Stu Muchie Pavilion/picnic shelter
  • Ralph Hight Memorial Outdoor Chapel

The Tale of Drumbo Dan

Camp impeesa-drumbo dan.jpg
The Ghost of Impeesa with no known author:

Some time ago, in this great land, there was a trapper by the name Dan. He made his living selling hides. His goods were the best known far and wide. Then one dark night, around Halloween, people asked about Dan, for he hadn't been seen. Some folk heard he drown in the Nith or the Grand. While others heard he moved to Newfoundland.

But the real and true story, as you will hear, is that Dan was attacked by a huge Grizzly Bear. The attack was quite gruesome and so it's been said. The bear chewed off Dan's feet and left him for dead. Old Dan was in trouble, his time was now done. Alone in the woods with no 9 1 1! Dan died that same night, from severe loss blood. And the rain came so hard there was a huge flood.

This is why some folks say that poor Dan had drowned. They all take the true story and turn it around. Not to frighten the children of Drumbo they say, but the truth should be told, its better that way.

Now Dan went to heaven, to the Pearly Gate. But St. Peter said, I'm afraid you must wait. You see he had noticed Dan's two missing feet. He said, "Dan, I'm sorry but you're just not complete." He sent Dan back down to the place he had died. A place known as Drumbo and the lands near beside.

Those lands called Impeesa, where the Scout camp is found. They say Dan is there, and just wanders around. He must have two feet to enter the gates, so for years now, Old Dan just sits back and waits. For someone with feet that are just the right size. So that Dan's eternal peace can be finally realized.

Now Dan was a small man about four eleven, so therefore he's looking for kids over seven. The last time I heard he wore a size three, but let's think about this between you and me. If you were hunting for feet the right size, don't you think that it would really be wise? To find a camp with lots of young campers, and cut off their feet, and throw them in hampers? To try later on to see which ones were right? And the best time to do this would be the darkest of night.

Old Dan might do this if we we give him the chance. he'll cut off your feet - the end of your dance. Now that is the TRUE tale of our Drumbo Dan. A trapper when living, now a ghost of a man. Like I said, Old Dan is most active at night, but if you walk alone in the broad day light, you might make him think that it would be quite neat, to finally find those two 'just right' feet.

So remember that any time you camp out here, Drumbo Dan is still searching, he may be near. He needs those two feet to end his career, as the Ghost of Impeesa, and his reign of fear!

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