Camp Shegardaynou

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Camp Shegardaynou-Crest.jpg
Address 706906 Township Road 2
Princeton, Ontario
N0J 1V0
Established unknown
Closed Open!
Website none

Camp Shegardaynou is located just outside Princeton Ontario. It is about 53 acres of mostly forested land with Horner Creek winding through the camp.



For outdoor camping, the camp can accommodate approximately 800 campers. The camping is broken down into six general areas. Most of these in turn are broken down into smaller areas that can accommodate 25 to 75 campers, with Area Two as one large area that can accommodate up to about 200+ campers.


  • Milnes lodge is the main building, and includes cooking facilities with running water. It can accommodate up to 100

people for meals, and 25 to 30 for sleeping.

  • Friendship lodge is designed for small groups and can accommodate 10 to 15 people. There is no cooking permitted

in this building.

  • Millers (Canteen) is a little smaller then Friendship, and will accommodate up to 10 people. There is no cooking

permitted in this building.


Event Name Initialisms & Acronyms Time of Year Began
Woodstock International Camp - Mothers day weekend in May 1963

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