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  1. Complete the Energy Sleuth Game and Online Calculator ([1])
  2. Earn 2 of the following badges: Recycling Badge, Home Repair Badge, Cyclist Badge or Family Helper Badge.
  3. Save energy at home by completing the following checklist:
    • Saving Electricity
      • I turn the lights off when they are not being used.
      • I turn off equipment, like the computer, when it is not being used.
      • I encourage my family to turn off the appliances and equipment when they are not in use.
    • Saving Hot Water
      • I turn off the tap when I am not using the water.
      • I take a shower instead of a bath.
    • Using Less Heat
      • The temperature of our house is 22 degrees Celsius (or less) in the winter and 22 degrees or more in the summer.
      • I encourage my family to wear slippers and sweaters in the winter to stay warm instead of turning up the thermostat.
    • Use Less Gasoline
      • I walked, biked or inline skated to a destination close to my house (corner store, friend’s house, school, club meeting, etc.) two times in one month instead of being driven.

More Information

Pre 2011 version

The badge is related to the recent "Climate Change Challenge Crest"

It is part of the new World Scout Environment Award initiative, as discribed in See "Introducting the World Environment Award", Scouting Life, Decemeber 2010.