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Old Council Service Team Badge

The Council Commissioner is a key member of the Council Service Team. A member of the Council Key 3 along with the Council Youth Commissioner and Council Executive Director. Serves a maximum of three (3) one-year terms consecutively.


Relationship to the Mission of Scouts Canada: quality of programs and customer service

Primary Function: responsible for all aspects of program implementation, delivery, service and support. Responsible for policy implementation (within BP&P)

Accountability: is accountable to the Executive Commissioner & CEO along with the other members of the Key 3

Relationship to Key Three: provides the lead in program to discussions. Identifies and relates impact of issues on the delivery of program. Identifies program needs for addressing by Council. Shares political realities.

Relationship to Council: brings to Council the issues related to program to ensure accountability and action with regards to quality, service/support and retention and the requirements to ensure success in improving them.

Relationship to Senior Council: is responsible to Executive Commissioner & CEO for local program activities and quality.