Council Executive Director

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Relationship to the Mission of Scouts Canada: quality decisions and action to support local administration and organizational vitality

Primary Function: responsible for all non-program functions that provide support to the program and program delivery.

Accountability: is accountable to the Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer through the Executive Director – Field Services and responsible to other members of the Key 3

Relationship to Key Three: provides the lead in administrative operations to all issues within his/her jurisdiction. Identifies and relates the impact of program and non-program issues on the day to day operation of Council’s human and physical resources. Shares political realities.

Relationship to Council: brings to Council the issues related to the “business”, (including administrative operations, human and physical resources) to ensure accountability and action with regards to quality and the need to improve quality, resources and growth.

Relationship to Senior Council: is responsible to the Executive Commission & CEO for implementation of policies, procedures and practices. Participates in decision making while bringing local business issues to the Executive Commissioner & CEO.