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The Council Youth Network serves as medium between the National Youth Network and the local Councils so that information can be conveyed to all local youth members in each council.

The Council Youth Network is chaired by the Council Youth Commissioner a member of the council’s Key 3. This person serves three consecutive one year terms and is directly accountable to the Assistant National Youth Commissioner in their region and part of the National Youth Network. The Council Youth Commissioner also appoints Area Youth Commissioners and Deputy Council Youth Commissioners throughout their council and together they all form the Council youth network.

Their purpose is to convey information from that national youth network so that all youth are informed on what is happening in the areas of youth involvement throughout Scouts Canada, to make sure that youth issues and initiatives are taken into account in all decisions made on the council level, to run FOCUS, FAST and FLEX training for youth members, encouraging growth in youth membership and youth involvement in leadership roles, and the awarding of the Medal of the maple to outstanding youth members in the council.

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