Craft Stick Spider Web

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Using popsicle sticks, or if you prefer... crafts sticks, googly eyes, yarn, glue, and pom-poms.

Based on Crafts by Amanda - Craft Stick Spider Web.

A few changes to make it a bit easier for young crafters:

  • Cut two pipe cleaners in half and then twist together at the center. This will make the eight legs, no glue required!
    • As you can see in the photos, we made half (four legs) at a time and discovered this shortcut later.
    • You choose, as two separated sides can glue into the sides, rather than the bottom
  • Attach the legs to the pom-pom body with glue and a small elastic band. This holds it together while drying and puts an interesting shape on the body
  • Put glue in a paper plate with some spare sticks, which is much easier to handle.

20121018_192309.jpg 20121018_192345.jpg 20121018_192534.jpg