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Creative Beaver

Objective: I will use my imagination and create something new. When planning your adventures, you might like to

  • use at least two different kinds of materials or tools
  • use a tool or material you have not tried before

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

  • Create two faces using a variety of materials, such as buttons, straw, fabric, beads or yarn. What helps you create the most realistic face? The most unusual face? The scariest face?
  • Draw three pictures. Use a different kind of tool or material for each drawing. For example, use a pencil on one, felt pens on another and wax crayons on another.

Which is your favourite?

  • Visit a local potter to work with clay and create your own piece of pottery.
  • Have someone teach you to knit, crochet or sew a simple item such as a potholder.
  • Create a simple PowerPoint presentation on a theme that is important to you. (You can ask an adult to help you.)
  • Use playdough or self-hardening clay to create four or five sculptures on the same theme.
  • Using tissue paper and white glue, create a series of three “stained glassed” pictures.
  • Imitate the style of pictures in your favourite picture book. Create two or three pictures using the same style, or create your own story book.
  • Organize an art show and invite other Beaver Scouts (in your Lodge) to join you in creating art to display. Who will you invite to come?
  • Using a camera, take a series of photos on one theme. Display your photos in an album, in frames or using a computer.
  • Create your own play. Invite some of your friends from your Colony to act in your play. Perform the play for your Colony.
  • Create a sculpture using recycled materials.
  • Design and build a toy. What materials will you use to make it? Try different materials to build it. Which ones worked best? Why?
  • Invent something that makes your life easier or more fun. What would that be? How would it work? Draw a sketch and then, if possible, build a model of it.
  • Develop the text and pictures for a story book that you can share with the other

Beaver Scouts or with younger siblings. ==Need some more ideas?==! Look at the Trail Cards for Rascal’s River: Creative Expression.

Pick a suitable adventure for this badge that you would like to try on your own.