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The Rover Crew is managed by the Crew Leadership Team, which is elected annually by the Rover Scouts, and is responsible for the administration and coordination of the Crew. The positions of the Crew Leadership Team are to be determined by the Crew to match the Crew’s goals.



When Baden-Powell (B.P.), the founder of Scouting, created the Rover Section, he modeled it after the Knights of the Round Table from England. There are people who feel that this particular theme is outdated, while others believe it is what has kept the Rover tradition alive for so long.

Some Crews use the Knighthood theme and go all out in its use by wearing full Knight's armor to meetings. Another Crew will use only bits and pieces of the Knighthood theme, like the titles for the Executive positions and the Squireship. Some Crews do not use the theme at all, while still others use a different theme altogether. There are Search and Rescue Crews, Naval Crews, and various Vocational Crews throughout Canada. The decision to become a ‘Themed Crew‘ should be made by all the Crew members. And once you choose a theme, it is not engraved in stone. After a time you may wish to change the theme of the Crew. But again, the decision should be made by the whole Crew.[1]

Activities that your Crew does do not necessarily have to be theme-related. However, ways in which Crews have incorporated theme ideas into everyday Crew activities are:

  • Performing ceremonies (investiture, taking on an Executive position) in the style of your theme
  • Naming Crew Executive positions in the style of your theme
  • A Crew code of Conduct taken from the theme.

Crew Leadership Team

The Crew Leadership Team following basic roles, though Crews may form any variations they desire.

  • President (or Chair or 1st Mate)
  • Vice President (or Vice Chair or 2nd Mate)
  • Secretary (or Scribe)
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Chair

A crew can also operate with no leadership team at all, though the placement of an executive can help with operation of the Crew.

Round Table

A Round Table is a meeting of Rovers. There are various levels of Round Tables: Area/Regional Round Tables and Provincial Round Table. Their purpose is to maintain communications between the Crews, provide information about upcoming events and training, and to promote Rovering at that level. Often Round Tables move their meeting locations around so that the same people aren’t always traveling the furthest distance to get there.

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