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Cub Scout Air

Objective: I will explore the environment, nature, research and/or leisure pursuits as they relate to the air.

When planning your adventure, think about including:

  • an adventure that helps the environment and/or involves an experiment
  • an adventure that would be something you would do for fun and/or exercise
  • an adventure that takes place outdoors

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

Note: some of these ideas might be made into more than one adventure.

  • Go on an urban hike, and look for signs of air pollution. Listen for noise pollution. What is the air like in the park compared to on the main street? What are some causes of urban air pollution? What is the biggest cause? What are the sounds you hear? Go on a wilderness hike. Compare this hike with the urban hike you took. How is the air different? How does it smell? How does it feel to your skin? What are the sounds you hear? Share your observations with your Lair.
  • How do hot air balloons work? Why does hot air rise? Find an experiment that you can safely do to show how hot air makes something rise. Demonstrate for your family or Lair.
  • Build and launch a model rocket. Use a kit and follow the instructions. Learn about the safety requirements. Ask an adult to help you purchase the engines and launch your rocket. Make sure to take photos as you build it and as you launch it.
  • Try making clouds and tornadoes in a bottle. What do you need? What do you learn about real clouds and real tornadoes?
  • Design and construct your own kite and fly it. Or experiment with several different styles of kites to see how each flies.
  • Have you ever been to an air show? Take in one that happens near to you. Check out some of the planes. What do you notice?
  • Create a pop bottle orchestra. Experiment with filling empty pop bottles with different amounts of water. What do you notice about the sound? Make each bottle a different note and then play a simple song on your pop bottles.
  • Create a piece of art by blowing paint with a straw to create your picture.
  • What causes thunder and lightning? Why do we see lightning before we hear the thunder? How can knowing the difference of time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder be helpful to you when camping or hiking? What are some things to do to be safe in a storm? Design a game for your Lair or Pack about thunder and lightning.
  • Participate in a Scoutrees project. How does planting trees help us have clean air? How do trees impact climate change, and overall air quality? How does your Scoutrees project also help with soil, water and wildlife?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Red Flower Camp (Outdoors) and Bagheera’s Hunting Grounds (Environment). Pick an adventure you’d like to try on your own.