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Cub Scout Community

Objective: I will explore what it means to be a helpful, contributing citizen of my community.

When planning your adventure, think about including:

  • an adventure in which you explore and take part in your local and/or provincial government
  • an adventure that offers service
  • an adventure that shows the spirit of the Cub Scout Law, Promise and/or Motto

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

Note: some of these ideas might be made into more than one adventure.

  • What would it be like to move around your community if you were in a wheelchair? Go on an urban hike and check it out. What obstacles do you see? How are these obstacles dealt with in some places? What more can be done? Find a way for your Pack to help make a difference.
  • Think of someone (or more) in your community who works hard and helps many people, but doesn’t often receive a thank-you. How might you offer thanks?
  • What is something in your community that needs improving? Is there a fence that needs painting or a place that could use some flowers or a ditch full of garbage that needs to be cleaned up? With permission and appropriate help (and paying attention to safety), do what you can.
  • Invite your family or your Lair to join you in volunteering for your community for a day.
  • Who are your neighbours? With permission and support from your parents/ guardians, find out about the people who are your immediate neighbours.
  • Create or cook a surprise for a friend or family member who is sick or lonely or sad.
  • If you could be the mayor of your community for a day, what law would you pass for your community and why? Write a letter explaining your law and your reasons and send it to your mayor.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your Patrol, in which clues are given and the Lairs take photos when they find the place to which the clue leads. Include some places in your community that other Cubs might not know about.
  • Is there a foodbank in your community? Arrange to take a tour and find out what kind of food they collect and how they help people.
  • Take on the job of managing the recycling for your Pack or your family for a month.
  • Create a map of your community that would be helpful to a newcomer to the area. What do you think he or she would need to know in order to feel at home?
  • With permission and support from your parents/guardians, plan a picnic or another street party and invite your neighbours.
  • Go geocaching in your community. What discoveries do you make?
  • Learn some American Sign Language or Braille. What other ways do those who have challenges with sight, hearing or mobility communicate?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Elephant Turf (Citizenship) and The Swinging Bridge (Active & Healthy Living). Pick an adventure you’d like to try on your own.