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Cub Scout Home

Objective: I will explore what it means to be a helpful contributing member of my home.

When planning your adventure, think about including:

  • an adventure that shows the spirit of the Cub Scout Law, Promise and/or Motto
  • an adventure that involves working with the people and/or the pets in your home
  • an adventure that helps with home maintenance, repairs or chores

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

Note: some of these ideas might be made into more than one adventure.

  • Investigate the appliances in your home. Do you know how to use each of them? What is required for maintenance? Learn to use at least one you don’t know how to use now.
  • Learn to sew a rip in your pants or sew on a button. Put what you have learned to use. Repair some torn clothing or sewing on buttons that have fallen off your clothes.
  • Start a clothing drive at home. Pick out some of your own clothes to donate. Invite other family members to contribute. Make sure everything is clean and in good repair, then take it to the donation place.
  • Surprise one or more family members by doing their chore for them. Or take on a chore that you hate for one week! What did you discover about that chore?
  • Do you compost at home? Create and/or look after the compost pile. What will make it compost faster? How can you use the compost?
  • Have you ever used a fire extinguisher? Some local fire departments will give training in how to use one, or see if you have an old one at home with which your family could practice the skills required.
  • Pick an outdoor chore and take care of it for an agreed upon time, such as shovelling the walk, mowing the lawn, raking the grass or watering the flowerbeds.
  • Pick a room in your house that you’d like to redesign or redecorate. Create a design for the room: the placement of furniture, colour scheme, etc. Share it with your family. Who knows? They might use some of your ideas.
  • Make some birdfeeders for your backyard for the winter. Keep the feeders full and watch for the birds to come and eat. Remember to take photos.
  • What safety plans would be helpful for your family in your area? Work with your family to create a plan and then practise it. This might include fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire escape plan, safe storage of dangerous or poisonous items, dealing with loss of power, water or heat for a period of time, an emergency kit, an evacuation kit.
  • What spaces do you share as a family in your home? Is there a space, such as the bathroom, that always seems to be difficult to share? Brainstorm some ideas with your family and try them out for one week. Are the ideas successful or do you need more ideas?
  • Plan a healthy, balanced meal for your family. Will you try some new foods? What groceries will you need? How much time will it take to prepare? Will you make it a special meal with candles on the table or name cards?
  • Learn to bake bread, iron a shirt, wash the clothes, sweep and wash the floor...what household skill would be a good challenge to learn?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Elephant Turf' (Citizenship) and The Swinging Bridge (Active & Healthy Living). Pick an adventure you’d like to try on your own.