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As noted in Scouters' Tip - PAB, existing inventory for Space Exploration Badge should be used before new designs are used. The ScoutShop may not have new Canadian Path based badges until the 2011 program change versions are used. Being wise in the use of your Group's inventory is also recommended

See Personal Achievement Badges - Cub Scouts as well as Personal Achievement for Cub Scouts, including:

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From the Scouter Manual:

Cub Scout Space.png

Cub Scout Space

Objective: I will explore the environment, nature, research and/or leisure activities about Space.

When planning your adventure, think about including:

  • an adventure that helps the environment and/or involves an experiment
  • an adventure that would be something you would do for fun and/or exercise
  • an adventure that takes place outdoors

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

Note: some of these ideas might be made into more than one adventure.

  • Set yourself a goal of learning to identify a number of things in the night sky, including certain stars, constellations and planets.
  • Watch the moon every night for a month. Record what you see with photos or drawings.
  • Learn Aboriginal stories for some of the constellations. Share the stories with your family or your Lair. Looking at the stars, pick a constellation, decide how you would describe its shape and make up your own story for that constellation.
  • Learn about telescopes. How do they work? How do they help us see into space? Visit an observatory and discover what you can see at night through its telescopes.
  • Using papier mache or modelling clay (or other materials), create a moonscape. Label craters and other landmarks. If you wish, add a moon base of your own design.
  • Teach a younger sibling or a Beaver Scout how to find the Big Dipper in the sky.
  • Create your own star show. Cut circles of black paper the size of the top of your flashlight. Poke holes into black paper in the shape of a constellation. In a darkened room, shine a flashlight through the black circles, projecting on to the ceiling to create your star show. This also works using aluminum foil instead of the paper.
  • Is there an astronomy club in your community, or in a nearby community? What does the club do? When do they meet? Arrange a visit for your Lair or Pack.
  • Several superheroes are said to come from space. Create your own superhero from space. Consider what your hero’s costume will look like, what powers your hero will have and what brought your hero to Earth.
  • How were the craters created on the moon? What made them? Create an experiment to make craters in a sandbox.
  • Have you ever built a model rocket? Try a simple kit. With adult help, purchase an engine and launch your rocket. Learn about safety precautions. Take photos of the whole build and launch.
  • Would you like to be an astronaut? Would you like to live on the space station? How do astronauts eat in space? What do they wear? How do they wash, shower and go to the bathroom? What is the biggest challenge? What is the most fun?

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Red Flower Camp (Outdoors) and Bagheera’s Hunting Grounds (Environment). Pick an adventure you’d like to try on your own.