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As noted in Scouters' Tip - PAB, existing inventory for World Cubbing Badge should be used before new designs are used. The ScoutShop may not have new Canadian Path based badges until the 2011 program change versions are used. Being wise in the use of your Group's inventory is also recommended

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From the Scouter Manual:

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Cub Scout World

Objective: I will explore what it means to be a contributing citizen of the world.

When planning your adventure, think about including:

  • an adventure in which you learn about or take part in provincial and/or national government
  • an adventure that offers service
  • an adventure that shows the spirit of the Cub Scout Law, Promise and/or Motto

Here are some ideas to help you start creating your own adventures

Note: some of these ideas might be made into more than one adventure.

  • Be part of international Scouting through Messengers of Peace. Find out more about this program at
  • Scouts Canada is part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Where is the headquarters for WOSM? How many countries in the world have official Scouting organizations? What is the WOSM flag? Check out
  • The Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund provides help around the world. Find out more at and share what you find out with your Patrol or Lair.
  • Visit a place of worship, other than one you may attend, and find out what you can about why it is built the way it is, who worships there, how they worship, and more.
  • Pick a festival or religious holiday from another faith tradition or culture. How is it similar to or different than a holiday or festival you celebrate? Make or buy some foods from each of the holidays/festivals to share with your family or your Lair.
  • What is your favourite story from your faith tradition? Find a story from another faith tradition that is similar in some way. Learn to tell both stories and share them with your family or your Lair.
  • What is a food from another culture that you’ve always wanted to try? Find a place where you can taste that food or make it at home.
  • Learn how to say Hello, Good-bye and Thank you in several different languages.
  • With an adult’s help and with your parents’/guardians’ permission, participate in a Jamboree On the Air (JOTA) or Jamboree On the Internet (JOTI). Find out more at
  • When and where did Cub Scouts first start in the world? in Canada?
  • What other countries have Cub Scouts? Find out about what they do at their Cub Scout meetings, their promise, law, motto, uniforms. What is familiar? What is unique?
  • What is a country you have always wanted to visit? Plan a possible future trip to that country. Where would you visit? What would you eat? Where would you stay? What is the climate like? What kind of clothes would you need to take? Try out some of their food which you might find locally.
  • Keep a photo journal of a visit with your family to another country. Share your experience and your journal with your Lair or Pack.
  • What is the United Nations? How does Canada participate in the United Nations? In what ways does the UN help children around the world?
  • Find an international penpal through the ScoutsAbroad page of the Scouts Canada website.
  • How does the climate of where you live affect the kind of clothes you wear? Find out about different kinds of clothes around the world, why they are worn, and how they are appropriate to the climate.

Need some more ideas?

Look at the Trail Cards for Elephant Turf' (Citizenship) and The Swinging Bridge (Active & Healthy Living). Pick an adventure you’d like to try on your own.