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Break down planning as follows:


Long Term Planning

Many suggest looking at the six areas of badge work (the six stars) and focusing on two each year. Once you have that picked out, start planning on how you are going to achieve that goal in your Pack.

Medium Term Planning

With your two star goal in mind, select requirements that will work your pack toward that goal. Keep in mind that not all Cubs are able to attend every event, so try to "over deliver" and work on more than the minimum number of requirements to earn the star.

Using this site, check out any cross-badge links. There are several star requirements that are similar to individual badges. Perhaps along the way, the Cubs can can also earn some badges! This adds to the rewards of the program. Also keep in mind the Awards, very useful for Cubs that have earned the stars and want to do more.

Using this site or other resources, come up with activities that are both fun and informative that meet the objectives of each badge or star requirements. Keep track of the individual achievements so badges and star can be awarded as they are earned.

Be sure to give back to the Scouter community! Once you have found some activities that work, add them to this site. If you tried a program suggest you found here, use the Comments feature to let others know how it worked out.

Short Term Planning

Now it gets specific. Each meeting needs to be planned in more detail so you can deliver a worthwhile and fun program each meeting night and stay on track with your goals.

Planning Suggestions and Resources

  • For a good overview of the Cub badges, as well as what is done in other sections, check out Taken from MEASURING SUCCESS - THE SCOUTING WAY.
  • Use the Cub Program Standards (a.k.a "The Bubble Page") as a checklist to see how well your Pack is meeting standards. (The graphic above is taken from that document.)
  • Use this site to help plan the individual elements of your Badge Oriented program.
  • Consider using Cub Badge Slips to streamline testing.

Visibly Measuring Success

Many youth measure success in Scouting based on the number of badges and awards earned and displayed. While that certainly is not the total of one's experience in Scouting, it is a very real, visible, and measurable metric of success.

Cub Scout Packs that boast youth members with lots of badges and awards demonstrate that they have accomplished a great deal. Planning activities around earning badges ensures a high level of this measurable success.

Check out the document Taken from MEASURING SUCCESS - THE SCOUTING WAY to see how the goals of Scouting match up with earned badges.