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New as a Cub leader? Check out Cub Leader Orientation for a good overview of the Cub program, a typical meeting structure and the kinds of things we do as cub Leaders. (It's short and well worth the read.)

Need to know a bit more? Get some training! Check out BASIC PROGRAM PLANNING AND DELIVERY - Specific Learning Objectives for Cub Leaders to see what is covered in the first training session for new Cub Leaders. "Old Leaders" would also do well to review this 8 page document, or perhaps the checklist to see how you are doing.

A convenient check list of program elements is given in the Wolf Cub Quality Program Standards, which states:

  • As adult volunteers, we have made a commitment to deliver a quality program to our members. Scouts Canada is pleased to provide volunteers with this checklist to ensure the program that is being delivered meets quality standards.

The Scouts Wiki was based on a site created to help planning Badge Oriented Program Delivery, which program delivery with the goals of having Cubs earn two stars (and some associated badges and awards) in each of participation. Give it a try, it both keeps you on track and give the Cubs a sense of success and achievement!

There is also the Scouts Canada Program Builder Online to help put together individual meeting plans.

Don't forget to include your Kim in your planning sessions, if you have one. See Page 15 of the The Kim Book. Involving your Pack Keeo to plan linking activities with Beaver Scouts is also a great idea.

Need some templates here for meeting structure, etc.