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The Council Youth Commissioner (CYC) is the recognized point of contact on issues of program satisfaction and evaluation between the youth, the Council Leadership Team and the Areas. The CYC shall be a catalyst for promoting meaningful youth involvement within the Council and ensuring that youth initiatives are actively supported and recognized in conjunction with the Area Youth Commissioners (AYCs).

The CYC works as an equal with a volunteer Council Commissioner and paid Council Executive Director to manage all aspects of the Council. These three individuals make up they Council Key 3 which are the key members of the Council Service Team. They are also a member of Scouts Canada National Youth Network and National Service Team, providing vision for the Scouting Movement.

As the CYC, youth will have the opportunity to take on new challenges and initiatives at both the Council and National levels. They will have the chance to meet new people in and out of Scouts, and most importantly, they can be the voice that helps to grow and promote Scouting. These roles are open to members and non-members of Scouts Canada.

The CYC serves a maximum of three (3) consecutive one-year terms. This position used to be known as the Deputy Council Commissioner - Youth (DCC-Y).



Relationship to the Mission of Scouts Canada: senior spokesperson for youth involvement within their Council.

Primary Function: to serve as an active member the of Council "Key-3", chair the Council Youth Network, and act as a member of the National Support Team in their Council.

Accountable to: the National Youth Commissioner, and the participants and volunteers within their Council.

Relationship to Key-Three: uses their skills and expertise to a provide a youth perspective in the Council "Key-3". Identifies and relates the impact of program/administrative issues on youth.

Relationship to Council: provides support to the Areas and Groups within their Council to ensure the five pillars of volunteer support are being achieved.

Relationship to National Youth Network Support: works with the Assistant National Youth Commissioner for their geographic region to ensure local issues are brought to the National Youth Network, and that decisions made by the National Youth Network are implemented/communicated to the Council Management/Advisory Committee, and Council Youth Network.

Roles and Responsibilities


1. Actively contribute to all established NYN initiatives as indicated in the NYN plan.
2. Bring forward to the NYN all pertinent issues identified by youth in their Council.
3. Co-ordinate Council action plans so as to include priorities set by the NYN.
4. Attend, or provide an alternate delegate to, all National Support Team meetings.


1. Ensure all Council youth are provided with an opportunity to providing input on Scouting issues.
2. Serve as chair of the Council Youth Network (if established).
3. Serve as an active and contributing member of the Council Management Committee.
4. Assist the Council Management Committee in an annual goal setting process.
5. Encourage training for youth as part of the National Training scheme and local initiatives.
6. Communicate and collaborate on a regular basis with the Council Commissioner and Council Executive Director, as part of the Council "Key-3".
7. Communicate on a regular basis with their geographic Assistant National Youth Commissioner.
8. Ensure that youth and adult volunteers are recognized for their contributions.
9. Aid Area Commissioners in the recruitment and support of Area Youth Commissioners.
10. (to be determined at a council level with the CC and CED)


A CYC should be enthusiastic, committed and possess a positive attitude. They should have the time available to serve without interfering with their academic endeavours.

Possesses skills in: Has knowledge of:
* communications * Scouting’s programs
* time management * By-law, Policies & Procedures
* planning * Scouts Canada’s Mission
* team work * program resources available

Get Involved!

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