Easter Eggs

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Possibly the most environmentally friendly art activity that you will do.


  1. Freshly hard boiled eggs (recommend 3 per participant). Kids will want to eat them. Bring them in the original cartons.
  2. Bring food coloring.
  3. Bring Glasses large enough for eggs.
  4. Bring spoons.
  • For Beavers, try to bring 1 of each of the following per participant:
    1. Bring white crayons. White crayons can be snapped in half.
  • For Cubs:
    1. Bring large candles.
    2. Bring sticks.
    3. Bring matches.


  1. Put food coloring and water in glasses.
  2. Light candles


  1. Instruct kids to write their initial on the bottom of the egg with crayon or melted wax.
  2. Dip egg in colored water. Leaving the egg sit does not seem to make much difference, so tell them not to leave the eggs in the water long (share).
  3. Note that the initial remains white, while the rest of the egg has changed color.
  4. Allow egg to dry.
  5. Draw pattern on the egg with crayon or melted was. Do not draw much, just the parts of the egg you wish to not change color.
  6. Dip eggs again, and now the eggs are multicolored.
  7. Repeat last 2 steps.

Wax crayons work much better than I would have thought.

If you have used bees wax candles or non-toxic crayons, the resulting eggs are completely safe to eat, even after a game of egg tapping.