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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article is no longer be applicable to the current program.
It remains here for reference purposes only.
For information on items replacing this topic, see Emergency Aid.


As announced in Scout Scene Vol. 1 Issue 8 - Dec. 2011, to align with the six "Star Badge System", consideration was given to reducing the number of Cub Scout Activity Awards from eight to six. " Emergency Preparedness" became an activity badge within "Home and Community".

Get the Emergency Preparedness Award cut-out page for your Cub Book (which unfortunately still show the old award, rather than the newer badge).


Pre 2011 Version
  1. Earn the Blue Star.
  2. Earn the following Home and Community related badges:
  3. Recognize and give three examples of emergencies that have occurred in your community or elsewhere.
  4. Describe what to should two of the following occur:
    • Lightning (when outside)
    • Tornado
    • Flooding
    • Tsunami
    • Earthquake
    • Wildfires
    • Or other weather related emergency if identified in #3 above
  5. Create an Emergency Family Survival Kit for home use (to support your family for 72 hours).

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