Emergency Preparedness Challenge Badge

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Demonstrate knowledge of how to prepare for an Emergency.


  1. Describe three situations that would lead to a community emergency. Describe how emergencies can affect the local community and the people in it.
    • a) Create/update a Family Emergency Plan and discuss with your family.
    • b) As a patrol, create a Troop Emergency Plan and present it to your troop. The Court of Honour will agree on the final Troop Emergency Plan.
  2. Create/Update an Emergency Survival Kit for home use (to support your family for 72 hours).
  3. Identify a person in the community who would possibly require help in an emergency (e.g. someone with special needs, a senior) and how you could assist them.
  4. List three emergencies that are created by climate/weather. What would you do to prepare and react to those?
  5. Earn the First Aid Challenge Badge.

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Program Suggestions and Additional Information

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Under the program revitalization effort of the Canadian Path, this article may no longer be applicable.

For information on items replacing this topic, see Emergency Aid.