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The Future of Canada United in Scouting (FOCUS) training course is for young leaders wanting to learn about situational leadership, developing teamwork, and setting personal goals. FOCUS is a peer-to-peer training program developed by the Scouts Canada's National Youth Committee and is intended to provide an opportunity for leadership skills building and personal assessment. The workshops will occupy about 10 hours during the weekend. Many other activities both indoors and outdoors will break up the formal learning portions. Target audience is Venturers, Rovers and senior Scouts.

The course is designed to be run by any interested Scouts Canada youth member for other youth. The training can take place over a series of Company meeting nights, a day session or over a weekend retreat.

The 1st Whitby Venturer Scout Company in Whitby, Ontario has developed a sample course weekend outline for others who are interested in running a training course. Check out their website here


It was first developed by the National Youth Committee in 1997 and presented to a delegation of young people in the Scouting movement from all across Canada at a conference in ‘97. Those youth that participated in the event, were given all the necessary materials to bring it back to their local communities; they helped spread their knowledge throughout the country. That’s what makes FOCUS so special—it’s designed such that any member of our older sections can pick up the trainer’s manual, read it, and feel confident enough to present the material to their peers.

The National Youth Network released a revised version of the FOCUS course materials in 2009.