Flaming Pizza

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  • pita bread (1 half pitas per "serving")
  • pizza sauce
  • grated/shredded cheese
  • "toppings" (suggesting pepperoni, cut into small cube-like pieces)

A note on ingredients: Uncooked vegetables such as onions and peppers will not cook in this method. Best to cook in advance. Similarly with meat, it is best to use pre-cooked meats, such as bacon bits and pepperoni.



  • Open up the pita pocket
  • Spoon in some pizza sauce
  • Add a modest amount of other ingredients
  • Top with cheese
  • Wrap well with aluminum foil


Prepare in advance:

  • Squares of burlap (estimating 12" x 18"), soaked in wax
  • Using 6" burlap ribbon (approx 18" in length) is a lot easier! Available at craft stores.

To cook:

  • Wrap the foil covered pita pocket pizza with waxed burlap
  • Place in a safe place (campfire pit, BBQ, gravelled area, etc.)
  • Support the pizza with a few rocks, to allow it to burn underneath
  • Be sure that some safety water is nearby, in case fire spreads
  • Light a corner of the waxed burlap
  • Watch as the whole thing burn!

Once the fire is out and the burlap has turned to ash, unwrap and enjoy!


Try flaming pizza sandwiches using english muffins. Yummy!