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Group Commissioner Volunteer Position Description


Accountable to

Area Commissioner


Selected or elected, then appointed annually by the Area Commissioner.

Time required

12 to 16 hours per month (on average)

Scope of Position

The Group Commissioner is recognized as the principle point of contact for the Group and assumes the leadership of the Group Committee. The Group Commissioner may delegate the responsibility for chairing the Group Committee meetings to the Group Administrator but still retains the responsibility of accountability to the Area Commissioner for the Group’s overall well being.


  • Provide an essential link between Sections, Groups and Areas.
  • Be the conduit for rapid communication and response providing a direct avenue for servicing and the passage of information in both directions.
  • Ensure the delivery of Scouts Canada’s programs in accordance with its Mission and Principles, which meet Scouts Canada’s Program Standards and are in keeping with the goals and ideals of the Partner/Sponsor.
  • Ensure compliance with all Policies and Procedures of Scouts Canada
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with parents, leaders, Partner/Sponsor, other Commissioners and the community at large.


  • Encourage an attitude favorable for growth and create/provide opportunities for growth within the Group.
  • Effectively manage the VRAD process at the Group level.
  • Actively support the promotion of all seven programs currently offered.
  • Selectively recruit, orient and recommend for membership:


  • Represent the Group as a member of the Area Commissioner’s team and provide monthly reports on the program status of the Group.
  • Communicate accurate and timely information on all Scouting matters, including procedure and policy changes, between the Scouters in the Group and the Area Commissioner.
  • Develop positive relationships between the Sections, the Sponsor/Partner, the community and the Area Commissioner’s Team.
  • Encourage Section leaders and Group Committee members to attend Area Scouters’ Clubs.

Program Support

  • Provide assistance and leadership to the Group in the development of quality program plans on a regular basis (as per Scouts Canada’s Program Standards).
  • Approve Section programs and outdoor activities.
  • Regularly meet with leaders to monitor progress in achieving Program Standards and provide assistance where possible.
  • Ensure all guidelines, practices and procedures pertaining to risk management and the safety of members is strictly adhered to.
  • Identify/engage external resources as required so that annual Group initiatives and goals can be achieved.
  • Provide support in the preparation of camps or special events.
  • When necessary, assume direction of a Section.

Program Evaluation

  • Ensure compliance and achievement with Scouts Canada’s Policies, Procedures and Program Standards.
  • Following the VRAD process, conduct evaluations of leaders, identify development needs and communicate opportunities for further leadership development where required.
  • Prepare and conduct Program Review.
  • Prepare for, and participate in, the Group Annual Review.

Volunteer Recruitment and Development Strategy:

  • Ensure Group compliance with all Screening Policies and Procedures as set by Scouts Canada.
  • Advise the Council Commissioner immediately if, as a result of a complaint or observed behavior, a member should be suspended. Operating Procedure for Suspension and Termination of Membership (see Council Management Operating Procedures) must be followed.
  • Identify the developmental needs of volunteer members within the Group and ensure opportunities for appropriate leadership development are communicated.
  • Be a catalyst for service and achievement recognition for members within the Group.


The ideal candidate will have:

  • Two or more years experience as a Leader.
  • Completed Wood Badge Part I for one or more Sections.
  • Undertake further personal development related to their role as Group Commissioner within one year.
  • Demonstrated effective interpersonal skills.
  • Modeled positive behaviors appropriate to Scouting.
  • Registered as a member of Scouts Canada.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of VRAD process

Group Committee References

Screening and Training

As with all Scouter/volunteer positions, members of Group Committee must go through the Screening process. This includes completing the full Wood Badge Part I training, including the Group Committee specific modules.