Game - Fire Drill Surprise

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Part of Cubs Jumpstart - Safety First.

Fire Drill Surprise

  • Hold a surprise Fire Drill.
  • After the drill is completed, come back into the meeting place and hold a critique. Did everyone move out quickly? Did they meet in one spot? How could evacuation be improved? What would they do if they opened the door and were met with flames? What if the meeting room was filled with smoke?
  • Discuss these points and the importance of always knowing where exits are located at the movies, a friend’s house, the museum, etc.
  • Do the drill a second time incorporating some of the scenarios discussed. For instance, the room is filling with smoke and the regular exit door is locked - How would they escape?
  • Have someone (a Cub or leader) panic and refuse to go - What should the pack do? Or, when they get outside, hold a head count and realize someone is missing? What would they do? The intent is not to scare them, but make them think.