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I joined Cubs as a leader in the last month of the year. The leaders were terribly outnumbered. At one point I had trouble getting the pack's attention with the "Pack!" call. Being new to Cubs, and trying to be interactive, I asked a Cub "When should I call 'Pack!', and when should I call 'Pack! Pack! Pack!'" His response was "When a leader wants our attention, he yells 'Pack!'. When he is getting fed up with us not listening, he yells 'Pack! Pack! Pack!'"

Oh dear.

This gathering game is designed to get let them burn off some steam, get familiar with the summons, learn a safety tip, and hopefully make it fun.


At least 2 leaders and a parent volunteer.


The leaders spread out. They take turns yelling "Pack!", or "Pack! Pack! Pack!", or "Pack! Pack! Pack! Rock Circle!" as a variation of Statues. Players are kicked out when they don't do as they should.


Leader 1: "Pack!" Any kids that don't stand at alert are kicked out.

Leader 1: "Pack! Pack! Pack!" Kids should come running.

Leader 2: Yells, "Pack!" before the Cubs make it to leader 1. Again, kick out those that don't heed the call.

Leader 1: Satisfied that Leader 2 is done, calls out "Pack! Pack! Pack!". Once the Cubs have arrived, praise the early arrivals by name.

Leader 2: "Pack!". Trick call! Cubs can not move.

Parent Volunteer: The parent in plain sight, and obviously not wearing a uniform, yells "Pack! Pack! Pack!" For this safety test, no one should move. If no one moves, the volunteer can repeat more forcefully. Cubs should not follow anyone just because they are acting as a leader.

Leader 2: "Pack! Pack! Pack! Rock Circle!" Pack should run to leader and sit down packed around the leader. Leader 2 explains to the Cubs that this formation is useful to check the pack, hide low, or gather in a crowded Cub assembly.

Leader 1: "Pack! Pack!" Cubs should not move. "Pack! Pack! Pack!" Cubs should start running.

Leader 1: Before they arrive, "Pack!", they should stand at alert.

Leader 1: Repeat trying to trick them.

Leader 1: "Pack! Pack! Pack!", they should resume their run.

Leader 2: Once pack is settled at leader 1, (s)he takes off running playfully and yells, ""Pack! Pack! Pack!" Leader 2 stops when (s)he is tagged.


Cubs are taught the Rock Circle formation. Consider other formations that may be helpful to your pack, such as:

  • Sun Rise: Leader spreads out arms to his/her sides. Cubs form a semi circle in front of the leader with right arm outstretched to neighbor's shoulder. Explain that this formation is helpful for making sudden announcements.
  • Cattails: Like Rock Circle but with Cubs standing. Useful when you want to gather Cubs in a crowded area (where a Rock Circle would be a tripping hazard), or when about to leave.