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How to play Grounders

Object of the game:

In the game of Grounders, the object of the game is to avoid becoming "it". Or, if you are "it", then you want to try and get someone else to become "it".

Grounders is a game of listening, whoever is "it" has to listen for noise like people talking and foot steps.


  1. A group of four people or more is recommend because with three people it isn't as much fun and it's a lot harder for the person who's "it" to tag you. Also, find a park to play in because in the game of Grounders, you have to climb stuff and not stay on the ground very long.
  2. Second, who ever wants to be "it" first has to count to ten (or fifteen) to give everyone a chance to get in a spot to start off the game.
  3. When "it" finished counting, they have to keep their eyes closed and walk around saying "GROUNDERS" to try and get someone on the ground assigned the next "it". (You can only say Grounders every fifteen seconds or longer).
  4. Generally "it" will yell "GROUNDERS" when they hear someone on the ground, which is often more obvious if the playground contains pea gravel.
  5. If "it" tags a player, they become "it" and a new round starts.
  6. If the person who's "it" cheats by opening their eyes, the round starts all over.

To make sure nobody gets hurt:

To make sure nobody gets hurt because the person who's "it" has their eyes closed, get everyone to watch where their going and let them know if there's a step, a pole or something that can get them hurt.

Have a first aid kit handy, as momentarily overly zealous players running with their eyes closed can lead to injury.

To prevent cheating:

To prevent cheating in the game of Grounders, the players should watch the person who is "it" to make sure that they don't open their eyes at all during the game.

This game is really fun! Kids of the five or older can play. Hope you have fun playing!