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Accountable to:

Group Commissioner


Selected or elected, then appointed annually by the Group Commissioner

Time required:

4 – 6 hours per month (on average) NOTE: Heavier time commitment during registration period.

Scope of Position:

Ensure that youth and adults are registered promptly in Scouts Canada’s Membership Management System.


  • Arrange a meeting with Section Leaders and Group Committee to fill out the Group worksheet.
  • Using the Scouts Canada Membership Management system, ensure that the Group Organizational Unit Profile, and each Section Profile, is updated with material from the Group worksheet.
  • Organize a pre-registration program in the spring for returning members as well as the fall registration program.
  • Answer registration enquiries from Section leaders, members and the general public.
  • Working with the Scouts Canada Membership Management System, confirm youth members registrations who have renewed or prospective members who received a spot with a Section of your Group, with acceptance of adult members to be referred to the Group Commissioner.
  • Add new Member information for members who have chosen not to register via the Internet, confirm youth registrations and refer acceptance of adult members to the Group Commissioner.
  • Work with the council office to find a place for all prospective members.
  • Liaise with Section Leaders to ensure that maximum youth and adult numbers are realistic. All prospective members entering a Section after the fall registration program are entered and their registrations have been confirmed.
  • Confirm that all prospective members have been placed in a Group. If not, notify Group Commissioner.
  • Account for all membership fees received to the Group Treasurer.
  • Report to the Group Commissioner regularly on the membership status of the Group.


The ideal candidate will:

  • Be familiar with computer data entry and operation of web browser software.
  • Have access to a computer with Internet access.
  • Be trustworthy and accountable for large sums of money.
  • Be organized and capable of dealing with paperwork in an orderly manner.
  • Have effective interpersonal skills.
  • Registered as a member of Scouts Canada.

Group Committee References

Screening and Training

As with all Scouter/volunteer positions, members of Group Committee must go through the Screening process. This includes completing the full Wood Badge Part I training, including the Group Committee specific modules.