Huckle Buckle

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Divide into partners.

Instructor calls out two body parts, and each pair of participants have to join the two parts called. For example, calling "Hand to Foot" means that one player must place a hand to the other’s foot.

When "Huckle Buckle" is called, the partners must join back-to-back, hook arms together, and then sit down at the same time while remaining "buckled".


Race: Stand in two rows, facing your partner with about 5 or 6 meters between the rows. Partners race towards each other when the call is made. Return to starting places on instructor’s okay.

Person to Person: On call of "Person to Person" players find new partners.

Elimination: Play for elimination.

Most Possible: Play that "Hand to Foot" means as many hand-to-foot combinations as possible between the partners.

Multiples: Add two combinations at once. For example, "Elbow to Elbow and Hair to Big Toe".

Cumulative: Play cumulatively, adding on each new instruction, keeping the previous one. For example, "head to head", "elbow to knee", "foot to pinky", etc. to determine a winning pair for each round.